whether you are a veterinary cardiologist, internist or a primary care DVM, ultravet medical devices offers you a new vista of patient care in acute heart and lung conditions.

The Coapt valve®

The CoApt Valve® is the latest veterinary medical device we are developing.  It is a transcatheter valve device which can be used to treat dogs with degenerative mitral/tricuspid valve disease.  READ MORE

Information on training programs to come.  Please check back soon to find out details, or CLICK HERE and we will put you on our list of doctors who are interested in participating.


The BIFURCATED bronchial stent

UltraVet Medical Devices is currently hard at work developing a new innovative bifurcating bronchial stent, designed to treat patients with severe airway disease who would not benefit from a standard straight stent.  The bifurcated design addresses collapse of the left stem bronchus as well as LB1 and LB2, thus providing superior treatment over a straight stent for complicated cases.  READ MORE